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Dual-Purpose Wireless Vehicle Detector - Free-Exit System

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Add wireless vehicle detection to any electric gate operator for free exit, whether residential or commercial. Not appropriate for solar gates. Check technical specifications due to 25mA standby current draw from Integrator. Install sensor in the driveway, beside the driveway, or on a post adjacent to the drive.

Add wireless vehicle detection to existing security/home automation systems, connecting to their cameras, sounders, etc. Sensor is self-contained, housing an internal transmitter and antenna. Absolutely no trenching and installs in under an hour. Install sensor beside driveway, in the driveway, or on a post adjacent to the drive.

  • Components (included with system):
  • (1) Sensor puck;
  • (2) Integrator;
  • (3) Auger screws;
  • (4) Batteries & clips; 
  • (5) Coaxial cable;
  • (6) Terminal block screwdriver

Automatic Gate Opener:
This dual-purpose system opens any powered gate operator for a hands-free Vehicle exit.

Superior Sensing:
Our system is powered by magnetometer technology with a sensitivity adjustment. It is only tripped by moving steel—not motion, heat, or pressure. No false alarms!

Fail-Safe Radio:
Redundant two-way radio at 915MHz guarantees signal reaches the receiver.



  • Activates security/home automation systems and electric gate operators
  • Universal voltage AC and DC

Easy To Install:

  • Installs in under 1 hour (on average) without the need for trenching
  • No external transmitter/antenna
  • Install sensor above ground on immovable object; in the ground; or in driveway
  • Easily pair multiple sensors with multiple Integrators

For All Driveways:

  • Short driveways: install in middle of the driveway and turn down sensor sensitivity
  • Wide driveways: install multiple units in driveway (12 ft. apart) or on both sides

Durable Design:

  • Reliable circuitry and filtering
  • IP Rating: 68
  • Strength rating: 9-ton force rate (8514 kgf)
  • LoRA radio protocol at 915MHz
  • Range determined by installation and obstructions to radio signal transmission
  • Tested above ground: line of site, no obstructions, up to 2,500 feet (762 m)
  • Tested flush with ground: line of site, no obstructions, up to 1,000 feet (305 m)

Dependable Battery Life:

  • 1-3 year battery life: CR123A (2)
  • Sensor standby: 22 microamps (µA)
  • Extra relay for low battery signal
  Sensor “Puck” Integrator
Power Required: 2 - CR123A batteries (6 V) 8–24 VAC; 8–30 VDC
Standby Current: 22 microamps (µA) 25 milliamps (mA)
Alarm Current: 130 milliamps (mA) 40-80 milliamps (mA)
Relay Time: - 2 seconds
Relay Contacts: - SPDT, N.O. or N.C. (Form C)
Relay Contact Rating: - 2 amp/24 VDC
(1 mA at 5 VDC min. load)
Estimated radio range: In ground, line-of-sight, no obstructions: up to 1,000 ft. (305 meters)*
Estimated Battery Life: 1-3 years* -
Enclosure Rating: IP68 -
Strength Rating: 9.39 ton-force (8514 kgf) -
Temperature Range: -25°F - 140°F (-32°C - 60°C) -
Dimensions: 4.5 in diameter x 2.5 in H
(11.43 cm x 6.35 cm)
3.25 in L x 2 in H x 0.875 in D
(8.25 cm x 5.08 cm x 2.22 cm)
Weight: 2 lbs (.90 kg) 1 lb (.45 kg)

* Estimate only. Radio range & battery life depend on many variables. No guarantees.